16-Oct-2018Pasadena, CA+9 milesItems Wanted
Looking for any size of these for our own home. Allergies have turned into asthma and myself, kids and our zoo of a house needs help! No effect on husband
16-Oct-2018Los Angeles, CA+1 milesItems Wanted
Friend just got his own apartment and has nothing. Any working television and fridge would be appreciated.
15-Oct-2018Los Angeles, CA+1 milesItems Wanted
Roughly 9" x 11" and however tall - 1' - 2'. Thanks.
15-Oct-2018Los Angeles, CA+1 milesItems Wanted
Going DIY for the kids costumes. Bike handlebars would be a welcome addition to our Elliot outfit. Thanks!
15-Oct-2018Pasadena, CA+9 milesItems Wanted
Dear community...if anyone have some books that would like to donate for a group of Kindergarten students part of a new French program please let me know.
15-Oct-2018Pasadena, CA+9 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for 5 gallon water jugs or 5 gallon containers with the lids to make banks for Special Needs Children
15-Oct-2018Pasadena, CA+9 milesItems Wanted
Hi! I have some cassettes I'd like to figure out what's on them.....If you have a working one I can borrow if not to give, that'd be great as well!! Thanks. Jennifer
15-Oct-2018Pasadena, CA+9 milesItems Wanted
I need an dressmakers mannequin to displace custom t-shirts on.
15-Oct-2018Pasadena, CA+9 milesItems Wanted
Hello, Freecycle! I'm looking for moving boxes - any around?
15-Oct-2018Pasadena, CA+9 milesItems Wanted
Hi, FreeCyclers! I'm looking for a "work height" table, usually a little more than 3 ft high. Perhaps a kitchen island or cart (they're often on wheels, though that isn't necessary) Thanks! Mike
15-Oct-2018Pasadena, CA+9 milesItems Wanted
I'm a struggling single parent mom with a 12 year old rocker. My boy has been told he has talent but we can not afford instruments. He is beginning guitarist but mostly a lead singer/drummer. He has a drum pad but he needs an actual drum set and he needs an electric guitar. If you have one you're not using anymore that needs a home, we'd really benefit it.
15-Oct-2018Pasadena, CA+9 milesItems Wanted
Hi, I just started making hair bows and I am looking for any grosgrain ribbon that anyone is about to throw out or just taking up space. I can pick up. Thank you in advance!
15-Oct-2018Pasadena, CA+9 milesItems Wanted
Does anyone have any moving boxes for moving?
15-Oct-2018Pasadena, CA+9 milesItems Wanted
Hi there! Looking for moving boxes if anyone has any available. Wardrobe boxes are a PLUS :) We are moving Oct 18th, need asap before then. Thanks!!
15-Oct-2018San Gabriel, CA+10 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I want to make a workout area for my boys and I to workout in at home. I can't afford a gym membership for all of.us.. so I figured i'd see if anyone has any equipment they no longer use or want that we could have to help us get started. I can take a pic of the workout area after so you can see that I'm not asking for it to resell. I asked in my community FB Buy Nothing group and was abl...
15-Oct-2018San Gabriel, CA+10 milesItems Wanted
Would like not too past current Popular Mechanics magazines.
14-Oct-2018Los Angeles, CA+1 milesItems Wanted
Hi, Does anyone have a paper trimmer they no longer need? I need it to cut cardboards (every other week). Scissors doesn't really work too well and my hands are not liking them all that much either. Thank you in advance.
If you happen to have extra birthday cards lying around I would love to use them no envelopes necessary. Unfortunately I am unable to respond to Freecycle messages so please text Cathy at 818-635-5266 Thank you Cathy
13-Oct-2018Los Angeles, CA+1 milesItems Wanted
Anything will help to start up my indoor growing sistem. Thanks!
13-Oct-2018Arcadia, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
Any color or size
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